What is a Mother!

What is a Mother?

By Sikiladi

The Asian Weekly , Mother’s Day Edition, 2022
Published in The Asian Weekly, Edition 609 ( 6th May to 11th May, 2022)

What is a Mother? Who is a Mother?

She is made up of several ingredients

The stove, the smoke, the burnt fingers

Freshly cooked meals and aroma that lingers

The comforting hand over the brow

That never lets you feel so very low

The calming hug and comforting words

More musical than several chirping birds

 The caring pats and concerned calls

Acting as your soul’s boundary walls

The Dainty smile with that unique charm

Protecting from all negativity and all harm

The tired physique and sleepless nights

Nurturing and safeguarding from all frights

The wisdom in words so casually taught

Influencing all so many mindful thoughts

The moist eyes and sheltering arms

Cocoons from world’s shattering storms

The ever encompassing gentlest lap

A shudder from any thunderous trap

The pearl among purity and relationships

Trying to ease your life’s challenges & hardships

Sensing your pain and suffering to be hers

Her blessed hand protects from all curse

The soothing balm and the caring nurse

Caring not for her looks nor her purse

Heaven on earth and bliss of blessings

On all your afflictions she’s a dressing

The prettiest fairy of all childhood fairytales

Flying to the rescue, permitting no fails

Life’s first ever and the smartest teacher

Inculcator of all wisdom, a spiritual preacher

As patient as a rock and fragile as candle wax

For her young one’s care, charging no tax

She hears unspoken words and reads the mind

Sensing your pain & pleasure within her grind

She peels not just peas and peanuts

But peals all fires, agonies and all hurts

The safety helmet in all the drives of life

Being a mother, staying your dad’s wife

Like a shadow shape her loving identity remains

Wherever one may go, within heart she remains

She is the hope in all those times you despair

Like a beacon on your journey’s darkest stair

She sacrifices her sleep, luxury and comfort

In her efforts to make your life a concert

She is the prayer, she is the praying

For your colors, she is one greying

4 thoughts on “What is a Mother!

  1. Mothers nurture is so special
    That hand that holds a treasure
    That trust we give to only a few
    Her tears sparkle like morning dew
    Mothers come in many a hue

    Thank you Monica for so many facets to mother dear
    You are such a one I know my dear

    Liked by 1 person

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