Invest In Our Planet
Published in The Asian Weekly

Save Energy! Reduce the usage!

Liberate our planet from polluted bondage

We hear such advice, we read such wisdom!

Yet, in our careless ways, we observe this seldom

Save fuel, reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Walk your way; paddle your way to lessen combustion

Alight on the bus, commute by the train when possible

For each other make carpooling more accessible

Save on energy by saving on resources

Inculcate a habit of wasting no food articles

Throwing food to waste causes methane

Thus increasing Greenhouse Gas so vain

Reduce, Re Use, Repair & Recycle a lot

Give Grandma’s conservation habits a thought

Each item manufactured adds carbon emissions

Using extraction, production & transportation

Switch off the energy sources when outdoors

Make wise options of eco-friendly promotes

Speak up; support a partnership for the planet

Preserve, protect and #InvestInOurPlanet

A Green future shall be our prosperity enhancers

Bringing back healthful joy to all species on planet

Take shorter showers, unplug those chargers

Recycle old phones to curb Mercury spreaders

Maintain a healthy balance, live within resources

Mother Earth has entered new phase of existence

We decide our own & Earth’s stability & sustenance

By creating a fulfilling bio diversity & wilderness

Reclaim and redesign water bodies & forestation

Our responsibility is to slow the ocean acidification

Curbing the greed, living within our means

Reducing deforestation & no fishing zones creation

Think; Embrace the challenge and play your role

For each one of us has a future generation’s goal

Achieve sustainable existence for all living beings

Act Boldly, Innovate broadly, it’s time to implement

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