Break The Bias

She wails and she whispers

Her instincts strong without whiskers 

She drowns her sentiments in the drain

Working towards her dear one’s gains

She craves not just diamond clusters

Her heart poked with abusive blisters

She gets a secondary treatment 

Whilst uplifting her young one’s talents

It sounds all so familiar 

Her status once used to be similar

She has awakened and arisen

With her Phoenix feathers taboos broken

She rides on high pedestal 

Her #breakthebias ambition

She has her voice and opinion

Whenever her soul needs justification 

She stands tall in the Man’s world

Her gender equality today twirled

She envisions a world far superior 

With her gifted confidence mightier

She is the Mother, she is the Shakti

Her prowess compliments her feminity 

She breaks the barriers of stereotypes 

Whoever fails, she comes to their reprieves


She is thoughtful, she is caring

Her dedication at efforts is daring

She wows and she wamboozles

With determination fights challenges 

She inspires many environmental activists

As Martha Corzo she protects “Sierra Gorda”

She protects and conserves the forests 

As Wangari Maathai & Kollakkayil Devaki Amma

She permits not to be overtaken

As Kamala Harris, she voices her opinion

She lifts up a Woman’s dignity and status

As she overthrows deliberate gender bias

She withstands her spouse’s significance

As Lucy Kibaki and Margaret Kenyatta she thrives

She lets him rule yet creates her identity

As Michelle Obama & Hillary Clinton she survives

She shall bring forth a sustainable tomorrow 

Gender inclusive language will reduce her sorrow

She is the powerful leader & change maker

Her Climate adaptability & mitigation one can borrow

Published in The Asian Weekly, Women’s Day Edition.

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