Gifted Blessings

Gifted Blessings

Nature’s Gift : a bright new day

A blessing entered my life
The day when I was born
I was gifted with caring arms
Caring hearts full of love
I knew it not, I understood not
Yet I grew nurtured by them
I look back at life and reflect
It was by far my best ever gift
Those arms that held me close
Those hands that led my path
Those eyes that had vision for me
And hoped for me to be their tallest tree

Life’s Gift : Having parents / becoming parent

I look back and realize what’s life
It is those little joys that added spice
The gift of the childhood seesaw & slide
That gave me pleasure as I would glide
The gift of education that seemed like pain
It eventually gifted my life with a gain
The gift of most precious people in life
Friends that bring zest into the mundane life
The helpers, the colleagues who care for me
And top up my life chart with pleasing glee

Nature’s Gift : Trees and Daylight

And now that life is taking the age turn
Wisdom in thought and deed getting spun
I appreciate Nature’s abundant gifts
Mother Earth, the cooling moon and warm sun
Taking a leaf from nature’s greatest gift
The tall & mighty trees giving shade from sun
The chirping birds gift me their sweet songs
And the church bells sound a musical gong

Life’s Gift : Education; A pain resulting in gain

A gift is that pleases me as it touches my life
My mother, father and siblings and offsprings
The gift of water that satiates my thirst
And all that vegetation with a heavenly burst
The clouds, the gardens, the mountains immense
The joys of living are gifts without spending a pence
A listening ear, a silent admirer are my little joys
The yoga, the swimming pool and the gym tense
Adding charm by giving me the gift of fitness

This poem is dedicated to and inspired by a childhood acquaintance and brother figure Bharat Nangia and a gift towards .

The aim is to bring awareness towards the significance of the gifts that we tend to overlook in our daily life without which our life wouldn’t be worth living. If you like it- please like it and share your thoughts in the comment box.

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