She’s The Shakti

She’s The Shakti

​​By Sikiladi

They say she’s here, she’s back

They say she has returned

But I know and they know too

She never went away from us

We celebrate her, we adore her

We mark a festivity period for her

For she’s the Shakti, she’s Amba

She is our beholder Maa Durga

A week and a half we observe

Nine day continuity we deserve

In reverence of her various forms

Her manifestations all of varied charm

Saraswati gives a boon of wisdom

Kali protects from all evil that may come

Shakambhari leaves you in hunger seldom

Nurturing, sustaining with vivid vegetation

Riding on the Nandi Bull she comes

From the mount Shail she descends

Accepting offerings of pure ghee

Holding the trishul & Kamal is Shailputri

The meditative form of Maa Parvati

Known to us as Goddess Brahmacharini

With bare feet, Rudraksh and Kamandalu

She comes to bless us all with longevity

Chandraghanta Maa appears ferocious

Mounting a tiger, destroys all evil and vicious

The ten armed Devi, with Chandra on forehead

Drives away all pains, with a bhog of kheer delicious

Providing little warmth of energy to sustainability

Devi Kushmanda gifts the universe potent creativity

Her Prasad being the sweet relish malpua perfect

She helps us improve intellect and decisive ability

The pancham Navratra welcomes Skandmata

Holding Ghanta and Kamal in pairs of hands

Savors banana offerings as her pious offerings

Kartikay in her lap, resting on Lotus flowerets

The most violent form of Maa Parvati

The warrior Goddess Devi Mata Katyayani

Riding on a lion, this form of Maha Shakti

Grants honey rich blessings upon your bhakti

The dark complexioned Devi Maa Kalaratri

Within her Third Eye Drishti is the Universal Shrishti

Kills demons, moves obstacles aplenty

A great pain reliever is this Motherly Deity

The four armed deity, riding on white elephant

The form of Durga called Mata Mahagauri

With oblations and offerings of the shriphals 

This savior holds Damru & is trishul dhari

Kamal Virajmaan, four armed Devi Siddhidatri

Granting safety, security and perfect living

Projected with a mace, a discus, book & Lotus

Our peaceful survival becoming her business

Published in The Asian Weekly, Edition 579, ( October 8th to 14th, 2021)

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