Isolation with Conversation!!


Here is an ode
To socks that are odd
I remove a pair
I only get one back
I am in despair
Please take it back

I need two socks for my two feet
The one not enough for cold feet
In the machine I put two
Now one is pink one blue
Where do they go?
Machine their? Lo!!


The one pink and one blue

Comes to remind me and

world is full of disparities 

But from the core we are One Hue! 

Our needs and desires unfulfilled

 Our style statements all grilled 

Beacon of creativity are the socks

Innovative a boy and a girl sock rocks 

Aah to instant words 

Only by true bards Socks, rock,

 Dr. Zeus to mocks

 For he immortalized 

Fox in a box


Sitting in isolation

 Locked in a room

 What else but …

I can add a tune

The Fox in a box

Amid  covid locks 

Together with Shariffa

 Sikiladi too rocks


Monica mocks

Isolation rocks?

I like my freedom

New sky to look from
Yet my time alone

I so love my home

If Monica could come

I will feel more at home 


I wish I could come

But solitary I have become 

Following the protocols 

When illness gave me calls
I recover quiet meditative

 My prayers are my sedative

Bound within my bedroom walls

Till  a negative report befalls 
I quite love this email chat

With you my inspiration is never flat

An epitome of strength as a woman

Shariffa the poetess, writer and thinker


Alas Covid locks 

Wish we could pass these blocks

Mind blocks 

Fear blocks

 Uncertainty just does not rock 

Monica master of poetic words

Makes it a much better world

 I can hear  her chuckle 

It makes me buckle

Between healing Organising time

We are always juggling  time 

Yet in between we find the time

To know

for each other we have time 


Uncertainty is over

 I am a positivity sower 

Planting the seeds of healing within

Nourishing the plant of wellness

 With reiki, prayer and staying in. 

My chuckle was lost somewhere

But Shariffa found it for me

 Her love and admiration

 To me is like a honey from the Bee

A gift with sweet dedication

We juggle time for us & the world

For many a hurting hearts need the care

Yet, poetry plays the silent music

And charms up weaves of heart’s fabric 

Together we are a strength to dare…


From our little isolation 

We create elevation

Reiki kind intention

Ripples in rotation 

Around the world 

To us back toward

It clasps Monica and me

Don’t you with me agree

We are in such harmony 

Makes me feel so free

Aligning, attuning for free 

Birds of a feather fly free


The ripples we create

Reach far and wide

The Intentions rule

Unity that we learnt at school

Harmony of a friendship unique

Crossing age bar, faith bar

Birds of a feather

Shariffa rightly said

Energy Healers create a spar

You appear near, even if you are far

Hearts are united, biases filtered

With Reiki blessings, life protected.


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