The Threads

Raksha Bandhan Threads

Published in The Asian Weekly

The threads of the festive bond

Some silky smooth,

some rugged uncouth

Some curly frilly,

Some pert straight

The threads no brother can ever abscond

Some hand made

Some purchased

Some parceled out

Some personalized

The threads that sing the sibling song

Some older ones

Some younger ones

Some toddler tunes

Some wheelchair whims

The threads that hold emotional ground

Some love sound

Some tears around

Some laughter aloud

Some playfully found

The threads that carry protective calls

Some sister love

Some brother bond

Some caring hearts

Some uniting darts

The threads that speak family tunes

Some mischief pranks

Some grief attacks

Some paternal feeling

Some maternal healing

The threads that bring the distant close

Some crossing scores

Some joining fours

Some tearful pours

Some reuniting lores

The threads that form relationships

Some by birth

Some by worth

Some dense as earth

Some light as dearth

The threads of Raksha Bandhan

Some spiritualized

For the elderly kind

Some with toys

For young boys

The threads that bring sibling affair

Some Godly saffron

Some multi colored

Some Simple strands

Some Golden bands


4 thoughts on “The Threads

  1. Colourful candle shiny bright
    Letting in a heavenly light
    All the siblings herewith
    Keep their stands of love within
    Within each strand of each year in
    Sharing caring memories so in
    Look in the eye what see you within
    The story of all shared lives are pinned
    Rice, chokes, makes it so clean
    Exchange of love so supreme
    Bonding, vow of I am always there

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