We gifted a heritage to our young ones

And by continuity to their young ones

But is this what we intended to gift?

Is this what they would have wished?

Having grown up in quieter times

We gave rise to a noisier time

Having gown up to panchtantra tales

We gifted kids with missile planes

We went to bed hearing grandma’s stories

And introduced kids to showbiz glory

Early to bed and early to rise made us wise

Late to bed and late to rise taught them laze”n’ uprise

We heard the radio for music and news

Their ears exposed to languages of all hatred and abuse

But is this what we intended to gift?

Has this made their childhood cherished?

We had one, two or five toys and we were rich

We give them the world & they say, “you only preach”

We had learnt to value our oxygen with pranayama

And they learnt that pranayama is a treatment balm

We were sent out to play in open grounds

We gifted them the pandemic amid close surrounds

Breathe not free, they are all masked and hooded

What kind of heritage we gifted this planet

The cow and the pig, the date and the fig were significant

Yet, now these become symbols of abuse imminent

We were taught respect for elders and each other

They behave not like ONE, brother killing brother

Where did we go wrong?

Why did we lose happy song?

Where did we lose sight?

Why did we gain plight?

Where did our plans err?

Why do we seek the power chair?

A heritage that sucks thriving on the bucks

Caring not for humans nor for the ducks

We grew up learning lessons of conservation

Yet they saw us as hoarders & a selfish generation

We learnt to worship Nature for it’s gifted abundance

But nurtured them to wasteful means of affluence

We missed the valuable lessons of morality

We failed to educate them to their inner spirituality

We now feel saddened, utterly threatened

When our kids grow up digitally patterned

Kids as young as four or five years in age

Are refrained, confined in the home cage

They attend school wearing their tiny masks

Depriving them of all the freedom of sun basks

The sports becoming dangerous, no more adventurous

When fear of losing them to the virus overpowers us

Is this the Heritage we wished as their lineage?

Will they be proud of us, as we are of our parents?

With lowering levels of brotherhood and tolerance

The ethics and morals losing all prominence

We practiced life skills for passion and survival

Yet nourish them to all means of competitive appraisal


4 thoughts on “Heritage

  1. Dear Monica
    Deep is our search for the right path
    For simplicity is not an obvious path
    Innocence we had has been replaced
    The only thing is uncertainty we trace

    Can I go to school? Yes mask and go
    In the parents heart we let safety go
    Swimming pools and home visits let go
    Mono lingual, other tongues we now forgo

    Cyberspace, on line on the screen
    That is what my young ones see
    Mum on the computer, siblings too
    Eye contact and smiles are too few

    My children, a gift but are not mine
    Life’s longing for something divine
    Like a bow we pull and let them go
    Pray God that to the right they flow

    This is our hope for years to come
    Only uncertainty is there in our home
    We are now resilient to uncertainty
    Does it open us up to sheer eternity

    Smarter, worldly wise full of new device
    This is the new generation I advice
    Collaborating, unafraid of the new
    They march on in a heritage so new

    Hope we must, it’s a perfect world?
    The question just remains

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  2. Thank you Shariffa ji for this lovely poem.

    They march on to the new Heritage
    Oblivious of digital spillage
    On their minds, on their souls,
    They live life in calculative mileage


    1. That’s exactly my point.

      What a Heritage they receive from us
      Kids left with no place to make a fuss
      Stranded indoors, scared and masked
      Day in, day out, maps and charts
      Schools have submerged on a screen
      Playtime shrunk to fingerful play….
      ….Using the mechanical magic….
      …of the Silicon world!!
      It’s a pity! It’s a shame!
      Our young ones — and their young ones
      Have lost free spaces, have lost playful game!


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