Sweet Potatoes – Jacket style

Jacket Sweet Potatoes

The Purple Beauty with a purpose:

This underground breed of tubers carries the richness of an antioxidant called beta carotene which is highly effective in raising blood levels of Vitamin A in the body, more so in children.

Sweet Potatoes considered as distant relatives of regular potatoes are much more nutritious than their regular counterparts though they can be consumed in various ways just like the potatoes : boiled, baked, steamed, roasted or fried.

A poor source of Proteins, they are loved for their high fiber content, Vitamin C, Potassium and Manganese with a fair trace of Vitamin B6, B5 and Vitamin E.

Sweet Potatoes can be found in different colors of skin and flesh in different regions ranging from white, yellow, pink, purple, violet or red.

Here’s a recipe for sweet potato lovers that’s perfect as a starter, a side or a wholesome meal and is suitable as a vegan or a gluten free meal. Choose your pick and the quantity you consume as liked.

This is a variation for those who love their Jacket Potatoes but consume them with some guilt if they are meant to be avoiding potatoes.

Jacket Sweet Potatoes

by Sikiladi


3pcs medium size purple skinned sweet potatoes

Half cup broccoli florets

One small Zucchini cut into cubes

One cup mixed bell peppers cut into cubes ( red, yellow, green)

Mixed herbs as per taste

Salt and pepper as per taste

Cheese ( optional)

Recipe :

Roast the whole sweet potatoes or parboil them with the skin. Chop them into big cubes and place in a baking dish.

Rub the vegetables with the seasoning and a splash of olive oil. Grill them or toast them slightly on a grille pan.

Arrange these vegetables over the sweet potatoes in the Baking dish. Toss some freshly ground mixed peppercorns and salt.

Garnish with some grated cheese ( optional) ( vegans can skip this )

Place in the preheated oven And bake it for ten minutes just before serving to enjoy your Jacket Sweet Potatoes.

P.S. – This can be eaten as it is or along with a sauce. Hummus goes very well with it. I have used a cilantro and mint sauce which is closely related to the popular Indian cilantro chutney.

I prepared the dish as an accompaniment along with crepes for a family meal. Individual servings can be prepared by serving a sweet potatoes per person slit open and stuffed with the grilled vegetables. Hummus poured over each individual serving looks awesome.

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