Pushpaben – A tribute to a mother

Pushpaben K. Shah – A journey of 90 years 3 months

A time so tough has now come…

Whence I bid goodbye to my income.

Never thought such grief would come,

And my dad will give you a welcome.

In a world far away, Beyond my reach,

I know you always did preach….

The world is a journey that we complete,

With death, cheating breath.

In a fraction of that timely moment,

leaving me without any comment…

You just left…..

 But your leaving me alone….

Has broken me down dear mum.

You nurtured me and my siblings,

Satisfied all our indulgent cravings.

Thank you mum, my dear queen,

 For making us fulfill all our dream.

Pushpaben as the world knew you…

Sikiladi’s pen too bids you adieu.

The gentle, smart and clever woman….

Your grace emerged as a loving token.

Your beautiful, elegant Saree collection,

 Gifted you the very charming projection.

 Living in a silent grief, for almost 17 years,

When Keshavlal, my dad waved goodbye.

The loss was big even then….

But I had you and you had me.

Now you have forsaken me,

And left a void, in my life.

Rumit, Meena,Kiran & Gita are sad.

Mayur, Hilda, Dipak & Mita feeling bad.

Together with me, Nita have dwelled….

In a trauma state….

This grief is bad, really bad.

You will be missed by your kids, grand & great grandkids.

Ritesh, Neha, Kush, Anupa, kush, Rishaan, Shivam….

Deep & Mansi and Amit await to hear your voice again.

Selina, Mithun, Nikki, Neil & Shilen saddened.

 From various parts of the world….

You, united us in grief.

I miss you mum! I miss you mum!

 I shall miss that endearing smile…

Those popular, your handmade achaars!

 Your cooking tips generously taught!

Worrying about your children evermore,

The stroke too you bravely fought.

Now I await the day…..

 When once again we shall meet.

And I hope you will welcome me,

Take me in your arms along with my dad.

Sikiladi ( for Nita)

Pushpaben ( 03-04-1931 to 03-07-2021)

This poem is a dedication of a daughter towards her mother. Sikiladi simply added a rhythm to Nita Shah’s sentiments as she placed the words coming from her in poetry.

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