My Superman

Your beams had always shone bright

The guiding light forever of my life

Clearing my path, moving obstacles

With you my journey was a delight

You were my greatest strength

Partly an anchor, partly my boat

While teaching me swimming

You became my favorite float

Fulfilling my wishes undeterred

Teaching self-restraint unfaltered

Becoming my entire blue skyline

Helping spread my wings unhindered

Providing Love and all stability

With amazingly perfect capability

The best friend I could have had

Held me in your arms if I was sad

Driving lessons that you imparted

Maneuvering skills all well crafted

In disguise my mannerisms drafted

Dad you ensured my growth well charted

Unsung, Unheard, Quiet & Unglorified

The Hero of life’s each dark night

My Superman without his flying cape

Comforting whenever I needed escape

Striving to step into your big sized shoes

I wonder how you managed all the crews

Gripping firmly all family and friendships

You maintained relationships like super  glues

Holding the reigns when it was needed

And letting go in giving me my freedom

It must have broken your heart doing so

Forgive me dad unknowingly I hurt you so

I was demanding, I was thoughtless

But your love never went worthless

I appreciated not your efforts painful

You helped me grow by being selfless

Today I admire and miss you evermore

Now that you moved to life’s other shore

Regrets and memories bother my core

My Superman I call for you encore

The separation has left a void so big

Without you I feel like a feeble twig

Yet your presence felt within my soul

Gives me strength to accomplish my goal


Published in The Asian Weekly, Edition 563, Jun 18 -24, 2021

5 thoughts on “My Superman

  1. I remember your Nakhras as a princess of your dad… he used to adore you.. as your partner I was blessed with shower of his love and most memorable days with him spending a week in Dubai in his house..

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  2. I believe all children go through bouts in in early life, especially as teenagers, when they give parents a hard time. I can tell you loved your father and that he’s left a big part of himself inside you. That’s the great thing of sharing part of your life with someone; they always stay with you. Beautifully written.

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      1. You are kindly welcome. I have a lot of love for people and surroundings, especially the place in which I was born. I really enjoy your writing and am grateful for your follow and happy to be able to follow you back 🙂

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