Eid al Fitr (2)

Published in The Asian Weekly, Edition 558,(May 14 – 20, 2021)

Eid Al Fitr

By Sikiladi 

Pious, patient period of perseverance 

Ramadan was marked in significance 

The month of fasting teaching us resistance 

Suhoor and Iftar being time of prominence 

Bringing completion to  solemn abstinence 

Welcoming Eid with prayerful observance 

Accomplishing peaceful spiritual stock taking

Being self disciplined an act to perfecting

The patience & virtues leading to rejoicing 

Attaining willpower, reflecting & meditating 

The palates of biryani with brethren sharing 

Zakat during Eid brings forth the blessing 

The advent of the crescent silver moon

Brings blessings bountiful as a boon

Time to celebrate with family foundations

Practicing traditions and doing donations 

Caring and sharing and festive  jubilations 

Customary Firana to spread abundance 

Crisp cool clothes in their designed newness

Enhance the spirit of joyous celebrations 

Men, women and children in dressed up accent 

Meeting and greeting or even socially distant 

Altering  the long period of fasting by feasting

Breaking the bread in communion unhesitating 

The exchange of gifts and the appetizing goodies

With families and friends and all close buddies

The most auspicious day of Islamic festive Affair 

The much awaited Eid Al Fitr is finally here

The Eid Namaz conducted on Shawal first day

Faithfuls congregate at mosques to meet & pray

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