But Who Cared?

Life was simpler

People were happier 

Smiles were wider

Laughters were louder

They called them uncouth 

But who cared? 

They whispered not in hushed tones

They spoke aloud their thoughts 

The people of the near past

That flew away suddenly so fast 

It wasn’t that long ago

It was just a few years ago

Don’t know how did that time go

Don’t know how did we let it go 

They called them boring 

But who cared? 

Desires were less, urges were more

Longings sometimes exceeded belongings 

Yet, they grumbled not as frequent 

People were perhaps made of stronger substance 

Patience and prayers marked their lives 

They acted after thinking twice

They called them backward

But who cared? 

Their thoughts were genuine not as fake

Towards life and living they had honest take

Things were tough even those days

Challenges of sorts came as sways

Hurdles were crossed in unanimity 

For families believed in solidarity 

They had a firmer bond and compatibility 

Unhindered they fought back adversity 

They called them old fashioned 

But who cared? 

They dressed and behaved in dignity 

Riches or poverty didn’t mar their ingenuity 

Those people who lived with simplicity 

Riding a bike or going by foot

They cared not what the world would think 

Playing with marbles, spinning tops and Ludo 

So many didn’t feel the need to learn karate or Judo

They called them non competent 

But who cared? 

Bone China and crystal ware was for the affluent 

Metal and Earthenware for others were convenient 

They lived in comfort and satisfaction 

Brands didn’t rule their world that often 

Travel for them was a mere necessity 

For they were always entertained in their society 

People back then weren’t so lonely 

Nothing about them would be so privy 

The status war didn’t kill mercilessly 

Joys of living were based on one’s own family 

They called them not tech savvy

But who cared?

They valued their relationships

They maintained precious friendships

They used the phone for basic communication

That couldn’t wait for the postal deliverance

People had immense sense of written words

Virtual knowledge to them made no sense

People were social media free

But they loved and admired the soil and the tree


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