Choose to Challenge

Choose to Challenge

By Sikiladi

Woman thou fear not, stay fearless

Thou art the force behind His throne

She appears weak, she looks timid

Mistaken her not, she is equally rigid

She is a fighter, she is a leader

You are, because, in her your birth is gifted

She lowers her eye, yet stays stern

Her strength is her dignity and concern

She leaves behind her past and moves on

Holding together her strings with an affirm

Abused, abandoned and often ignored

She withstands the traumas once forced

Forgiving others she heals her feminine self

Lifting her image as if the Phoenix soared

Cowed not, the daring examples set

She chooses to challenge the ugly gait

Helping the woman hidden within herself

She campaigns for rights for a better world

A housewife docile, she is the nurturer

A nurse, a doctor, a mother she’s a carer

Standing mighty and bold in the Man’s world

She deserves many to be her worshipper

Be it the pilot, the scientist or astronaut

Her work attitude wins over the zealot

Underestimate her not, she can be robust

Tempered to be just, she’s worth all trust

Angelou’s caged bird was in the past

Today’s #Metoo woman has laid her ground

With the #choosetochallenge in her stride

Like Oprah she opts for respect and abide

Ruling the world in her several ways

The Minister, the elder, the motherly sways

Margaret, Wangari, Kamala and Jacinda Arden

And likes of Kalpana Chawla & Zoya Aggarwal ruling air ways

Published in The Asian Weekly, Edition 548, March 05 – 11, 2021

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