Gifts of Dignity

Aruna Varsani signs the opening of the Child Protection Unit at Wamba on 21st December 2020.

Together for Better does it again
By Sikiladi
Published in The Asian Weekly, Edition 540 (January 08 – 14th, 2021)

While the Christmas celebrations were somewhat under the shelves this year, “Together for Better”
were busy with their project of ensuring dignity of young ladies before the New Year began and before
the schools started. Aruna Varsani, the versatile founder of the organization traveled from Nairobi to
Marsabit and Wamba having partnered with “Amref Health of Africa in Kenya” and inaugurated Child
Protection units on the 21 st of December 2020.
“We distributed 500 reusable sanitary pads kits and 300 reusable face masks in Wamba as the girls are
now getting ready to go back to school in January”, said Aruna further adding that it was very strange
that there was lack of information in the region about face masks. “I found myself educating them about
the reason being their own safety and of others and why it is necessary to wear the face masks as they
return to school” added Varsani.
She is thankful to the friends, partners and collaborators of her organization that made it possible to
reach out and distribute the necessities in several schools and homes in the area and brought Xmas
smiles for young ladies in Masai Land. The sanitary kits donation does not just begin and end with the
donation but involves providing employment and training ladies in manufacturing of the reusable pads,
ensuring quality as well as educating the recipients about their personal health and hygiene and Aruna
has perfected herself with this over the years as one of her projects besides accommodating mini
libraries in areas of need and helping procure the internet bundles for several students during this hard
hitting pandemic period.
Children display the masks they received as gifts.
Aruna educates the children and young ladies about menstrual health and hygiene and usage of face masks.
Aruna visited house to house delivering the reusable sanitary pads and educating the significance of health and hygiene
jovial faces of the ladies young and old as they display the reusable sanitary pads
Aruna in a conversation with the Seniors of Wamba
Opening of the Child Protection Unit
A Child Protection Unit where children facing challenges from abuse from family, rape, early marriages, molestation shall be provided shelter by Amref Kenya.

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