Festival of Lights

Published in the Asian Weekly, Diwali Edition 532

The Festival of Lights  is here again

Our most revered festivity is here again 

Yet, subdued tones pervade the air 

Celebrating during pandemic isn’t fair

Hushed are the fireworks and displays 

Quiet are the prayers in restricted ways

We shall see no Diwali Balls and Dinners

We shall light up dark corners with lamp liners

Visits to friends and families must be curbed

For our own safety, protocols must be observed

How can we be merry making and frolicking 

Whence our brethren with covid are suffering 

Victory of truth and goodness over all evils

Hoping to erase the unwanted corona virus devils

Significance of Diwali in such a manner prevails

Delusions removed we turn victorious at all levels

The sweet eats and traditional festive fare

The rituals, the swastik, the Puja  affair

With earthen lamps lit in every nook of the house

Greeting with joy, forgetting all old grouse


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