10 thoughts on “MOTHER

  1. Yes mothers voice sweet chime
    Mother Earth always in rhyme
    Giving up giving in all the time

    Who in our lives can be that special
    Always eating life without hassle
    Knowing inside this drama is a tassel

    Her love all pervading

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  2. बिल्कुल सही लिखा है।

    बचपन,जब हम अबोध थे
    न जाने कितना तुझे सताए होंगे,
    गिन पाना मुश्किल,
    न जाने कितना तुझे रुलाये होंगे,
    जब भी सोचूँ,
    आँखें भर आती है।

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      1. dhanyawad apka…..jab koyee shabd dil ko chhh jaate hain tab kuchh shbd dil se nikal aate hain….

        es kavita ko aaj purn kar prakashit kiyaa hai ….jarur padhiyega.🙏

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