Dharma Broadcasting News : 4 minority Hindu Girls

The Human need and greed for authority leads to so many sinful deeds in the name of religion.

Sindhu Sadora

Dharma Broadcasting News : 4 minority Hindu Girls

DHARMA BROADCASTING NETWORKNews that the world does not get……but it matters.

Know the four Pakistani Hindu girls who recently got forcibly converted to Islam

Four Pakistani Hindu girls have been forcibly converted to Islam after abduction, including a 10-year-old child named Chandri Kolhi who was abducted when she was playing right outside her home, from Nasirabad. She has already been married to one Allahdino and there is no hope in sight that she will be recovered despite her parents making an impassioned appeal:
Pathani Bheel was abducted from Shahadpur a few months back. Now, a Sindhi local newspaper reported that she has also been converted to Islam while Najoo Kolhi has also been converted to Islam by Sufi Pir Ayub Jan Sarhandi from Tando Ghulam Ali.

20-year old Pak Hindu girl Parwati Kolhi from Umerkot is another victim of the forced…

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