He fears not for himself, he never did

Yet, its his very own fear, that has hit!

He fears for her to extreme

Yet, she isn’t afraid as him

He fears that he may lose her soon

And loneliness will bring the gloom

A relationship that came to life

The very moment of her birth

She is his sister of many years

And he the brother like none else

Together they bore the journey

Overcoming grief and despise

She lost her partner back then

And feared pains of  widowhood

He came to her with siblings all

Taking her under his fatherly care

The young sister must face no scare

He brought her home with her little ones

Time traveled at its own ageing pace

They stayed together with all the grace

He found in her the mother dead

She found in him the father long dead

Years burdened them both with losses many

Siblings vanished from life one by one

Yet, They lived happy with each other

supporting themselves in grief and joy

Celebrating the events that passed by

In the journey of life that wasn’t so sly

Sharing the daily news tidbits they did

Over five decades of this special bond

staying together they have grown fond

She understand his dietary conditions

He is attentive to her health restrictions

She took charge without a word spoken

When his partner ailed and left the world

She stood with him at each step of life

Those hours of practice with the Sitar

When they strummed the chords together

In unison they learnt the Divine instrument

Encouraging each other like childhood days

They teased the strings to classical beat

They both moved on in life’s busy schedule

He worked and still continues to do so

But, she is now frail, on Almighty’s bail

Illness has weakened her aged frame

Yet, she cooks and cares for his sake

She swallows not a mere morsel now

As he watches her slipping away gradually

His caregiver, His sister in Motherly form

Is winning the race yet she wants it not

She bears the pains in silence and calm

For she hopes to still remain like a balm

to his pains and loneliness in the storm

He knows it all yet pretends to normalcy

Awaiting leniency to her life expectancy

At the ripe age when most do not survive

He stands strong, hollowed from within

If she is gone, life is not worth living

He sheds silent hushed tears in the heart

Eyes look vacant for agony has hit the chart

The separation that He dare not speak about

The Sick feeling makes her want freedom

Yet, she speaks of it not for her brother’s sake

The true love between this pair of siblings

Interdependence and care being their offerings

Unique is their unspoken love for each other

The separation inevitable is the lurking challenge

Unsaid, heavy hearted, burdened by years

Together yet, separately , concealed tears they shed.



2 thoughts on “Separation

  1. Monica dear,
    This brotherly love
    Makes me tear

    True it is that we live
    For the other
    Or maybe a cause?

    Sibling love is precious
    I feel It’s the sister’s care
    That goes beyond fear

    How well you
    Pen the tenderness
    Bonding and gentleness

    It’s is in the spaces
    The words unsaid
    Tenderness lies there

    Liked by 1 person

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