The Ugly Big Bird

It stands majestic in its height

Easily giving many a fright

With the slate grey frame stout

Among many others it stands out

Maribu stork
The Marabou Stork perched up on a billboard

Perched up on the high frame

Merging with sky grey –

it seems to play a hide and seek game

Yet prominent figure without a shame

A scabby bald head without a mane

White ruffles on chest are a gain

companionship calls

Making guttural croaking calls to mate

Inflated pouch of neck shows it is desperate

Making love with a steady partner through life

Sincere it remains to it’s  husband or  wife

The ugly majestic bird

The ugly big bird of prey unhygienic perhaps

Scavenging habits from dirt or grime flaps

Pooping on it’s own two sturdy strong legs

It balances body temperature with fecal kegs

The Marabou Stork of the African continent

Long beaked game ranger very pertinent

Marabou storks having their meal

Give it a meal of creatures dead or alive

It relishes with pleasure birds or their babies alive

Crocodiles too beware often of its ugly sight

to save their eggs from it they can’t put up a fight

Flapping giant wings it takes a mighty flight

Soaring spectacle in sky, to some its a delight











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