Happy New Year


It’s brought new hope
It’s brought gleeful cheer
It’s time to drop old gear
And welcome the New Year

It’s brought resolutions
It’s brought commitments
It’s time to move forward
In this brand New Year

It’s brought family love
It’s brought friendly joy
It’s time for celebration
And wish a Happy New Year

It’s brought new insights
It’s brought new delights
It’s time to make fresh efforts
In this freshly arrived New Year


It’s brought development
It’s brought progression
It’s time for further growth
In this progressive New Year

It’s brought some promises
It’s brought some adjustments
It’s time for new awareness
In this youthful New Year

It’s brought new situations
It’s brought new challenges
It’s time for amendments
In this adaptive New Year

It’s brought new artists
It’s brought new sportsmen
It’s time for a new generation
In this Newly Born Year

It’s brought the future
It’s dropped the past
It’s time for some newness
2019 the year is finally here




Published in The Asian Weekly – ( Dec 28, 2018 – Jan 3, 2019)


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