You left us Once again!

Drop by drop the ocean dried

drop by drop each eye cried

the heart is heavy

the heart now sinks.

Babaji it feels like you left us once again.

Baba Hardev Singh Ji

The Divine smile that she gave,

enfolding tears she appeared brave,

but the disease had become grave,

It gave her body a deep shave.

And now for that motherly love we crave.

mataji Savinder Hardev Singh
Mata Savinder Hardev Singh Ji

Satguru Mataji you chose to go into space.

Shedding the physical form too quick,

for it encaptured your soul like a slave.

You chose the freedom from earthly bondage

and united with the Almighty Nirankar.

Bless us your followers to keep up the pace

of respect and nurture the Mission with all grace.

The graceful smile that became her identity

May we follow the beloved young Satguru

Who took on the reins on this plane

May we follow the principles of the Faith

May we abide and unite with steady gait

Give us all strength to build the bridges of love

Give us the blessings to shed walls of hate

Give us the courage to bear your absence

And bring about a fresh new renaissance

Reverend Satguru – Holy Sister Sudiksha Ji, The present day Satguru of Nirankari Mission

Photo Credits : Sant Nirankari Mission

The Holy Mother Mataji Savinder Hardev Singh of The Sant Nirankari Mission merged into Nirankar on 5/8/18 .

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