That faint smile from the bed
It came effortless yet sad
He looked up in a sideways glance
Perhaps someone’s near by chance
He saw her sitting gloomily and wearily
She seemed lost in some serious thoughts
He knew what must’ve been on her mind
The loneliness after him she dreads
Yet, he had to go, that they knew
His health had failed over the years
The spine had bent, nerves weakened
The phlegm had filled and lungs cheated
The oxygen was but a mere source
The body functions were on a low
Bedridden life was not his game
But it was his fact that made him tame
There was some hope on certain days
” all is not lost” he wished to say
But the voice was silent like his feet
It needed support to speak and breathe
He gestured giving her his loving glance
Perhaps she would look at him by chance
A spark ran down and gave her a chill
She jumped up hearing a vocal shrill
He tried to speak but failed again
His popular voice had lost all grain
He loved to speak of praises a lot
For Almighty had him in a luxury cot
Singing the glories of the Holy Master
In the past he overcame pains faster
And now she looked at him in a pity
He who once brought him to this city
Will he leave her alone to depart away?
Will she be able to convince him to stay?
Alas! Fate has played the ultimate score
And widowhood has now reached her door
A lifetime partner separated for life
The husband departed leaving the wife.


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