Chandra the legend

Chandra Kimatrai the legend you were
A veteran Sindhi to the core you were
Having known you for a score of years
You became a mother in many ways

Aunty Chandra as we fondly called you
We all immensely do miss you
You lived your life on dignity terms
Becoming a symbol of womanly strength

Braving the challenges in early years
In laws and business you handled well
Your properties had gathered you stronghold
And your love for diamonds glowed in your hands

The cooking skills unmatched by any on earth
Your precision built talent left no dearth
Your shopping sprees to the market place
Gave you a pride of joy in domestic game

Your famous mithhi chutney mango pickle
Was awesome for many , yes it was
Your granddaughter Shalini hoped to bottle it
And market it to destinations far lands away

The joys of cooking experienced by you
Were unmatched by any other count
As you dished out the besani bhaji and biryani
The yummiest ever cheese rolls and pistan jo varo

You lived to a ripe 96 plus years in elegance
Braving early widowhood you handled affairs
Your love for dressing well in finest garments and footwear
Was charmed by the daily peg of whiskey flair

Aunty to me, Amma to some and Nani to many
You are dearly missed since you packed up
A year ago on this day May 20th when you left
Leaving us grieving our Mother Child bond depressed

You cared for anyone and everyone on the path
Your significant charitable ways knew no count
Uplifting some lives and teaching life skills in courage
You became an epitome of powerful womanhood

Fearing never whatever had ever happened
You reveled in life with Nimu and Chandu
The bravest woman I had ever known in life
Has left her mark on many a hearts and rests in peace

We said Goodbye in 2017 but you continue to live in our hearts dear Aunty Chandra.



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