I regret having lost you mum

Once again the date has appeared

….on the calendar

Last year on this date we gathered

at the house where you had lived

It was all of a month and a quarter..

…when you left home for a check up

the check up became the beginning of a journey

that ended on the 1st day of May…..

…. in the early hours of day break

We lost you while we took our turns …

…to be allowed into the ICU…

….to get our final glimpse of you breathing..

….albeit through the oxygen mask….

It was over, it was over

or should I say You were over..

….for you had moved to the other end

Leaving us all united in grief..

…the unity that you hoped to see within us all.

I regret having lost you mum

I regret having lost you mum

We left Delhi one by one

for the reason herself had left in less than a month

of arriving in Delhi and being led to the hospital

I regret mum that you entered your own house…

….as a body that had lost life…..

to be taken for the final rites that were to be.

I went into the past and return to the date

when we all arrived back in Dubai

to your house minus you

We had lost the major ingredient of the house

and grieved aloud sometimes but silently most times

Fate had played it’s cruel role and separated us from you

the community came to share the grief

the well wishers too came to express grief

but I was alone despite them all

for I hadn’t known them but for you.

People came, they sat and prayed,

they hugged or came with folded hands

It appeared all so meaningless,

yet, we sacrificed our solitude and met them all

15th day of the month of May in 2017

with friends and family all speaking of you

They cried your so many folks bonded in love

for whom you cared in life and wished them well.

I regret having lost you mum

I regret having lost you mum

Life has moved on, picking its own pace for each one

and the family is still finding substitutes

in the Love and beholding that you were

My dear Mother how can I tell you

that I miss you to the core

I regret having lost you mum

I regret having lost you mum

But I also wish you well at the other shore

keep blessing us all and do visit us in some form

For a slight indication of being around

gives us strength to carry on

and face life’s challenges burdened upon

That our mother watches us from her abode

and will not let us come under any storm.







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