Crooked, awkward in their perfection

His patterns appear in crude sophistication


A zigzag rough edged mountain chain

Or a hill top arising unevenly plain


A circular dent with hopes spent

Helping many a climbers that went


A trail of small and large green trees

Controlling the motion of blizzards & bees


The lean and pointed leaves richly green

Compete with voluminous flattened sheen


Those reds and yellows in flattery shapes

Laden the branches with their designer shades


The drips and drops in their heavenly fall

Give Mother Earth her celebratory ball


The like minded pattern of the earthy growth

Eruption of seeds from their covers unclothed


Undoing of the drapes of rugged earth land

Unfolding of the magical patterns on the sand


The merging of the blue green waters immense

With the sandy shores in a unique expanse


The crowding of the clouds overhead

Forming the shadow shapes in mind bed


The pumped up obese darkened grays above

Far cousins of the light colored shade of the dove


Spreading their arms and wings extra wide

To the dry spells they doth farewell abide


A stark regularity in their irregular fare

Almighty sends them for our good care


The oblongs and concentric repetitive circles

On butterfly wings and bird tails and feathers


The dotted and plotted cheetahs and leopards

The pin striped Zebras and  the plain big buzzards


The blue necked and the green tailed birds unique

Select your favorite from the Almighty’s pick


The patterns of waves that splash their might

Enforcing the shipmen fix their masts just tight


The waning and waxing phases of the moon

Forming a new pattern each day like a boon




Published in the Asian Weekly : Edition 390 (09th to 15th February 2018) as Poem on the Month: February 2018




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