You may be gone but not forgotten

You may be dead but memory strengthen

Each day through me you live herein

You are missed despite being within


I long for your sweet voice to my ears

I long for those Friday morning calls

That you made each week after week

I yearn for you to ask on me and mine

If all was well with the children thine


I know not if others miss you ever so

The pain in my heart tends to grow

Each day of being separated from you

Oh! Mummy to stay without you

Is a price too heavy to be paid

There’s so much left to be said


How do I communicate with you?

My phone calls cannot reach you

The world has shown its ugly face

Some selfish ones have lost their grace

Since you went missing from trace

A vacuum formed in my heart space


I wait now for the day to come

When you and I can be one

I come to receive your welcome

Together with you my dad shall come


A freedom that you have gained

I wish for it now as I live pained

Though happy I am mum for you

You deserted misery and flew

Leaving behind the grieving few

A joyful journey to a world new





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