The most ungrateful being of God

that is “me” now and the “me” in past.

Let me strive to turn a new leaf

from ungratefulness to be grateful.


When in childhood I did cry….

and fuss over the foods without a shame

Mom said all the foods I must try….

I gave her scornful looks with the ugly glare

She would give up and cook once again..

and I  thought that’s how I made her tame.


I was ungrateful, sure I was…

For I valued not her love and care….

that could see not her child go hungry to bed.

Whence I grew, I didn’t look back…..

at the numerous hours dad struggled outdoors.

While mum played with me and cared for me

although she was exhausted doing plenty chores.


I never expressed any gratitude for the efforts

that made me rise and shine a capable man.

An occasional word of thankfulness I did utter

when I got a new toy car or my cricket bat….

and I flashed those with pride wherever I sat.


I saw to be grateful at the worldly objects of pleasure

But failed to appreciate the bigger gift of their upbringing.

I hated the early schooling years of education

that now I realise was one of the most precious of gifts

for which they struggled and even cut corners

so I became that successful man they wished to see.


Ungrateful I have been all my life as I flash back

Those demands they fulfilled of vacations abroad

that came somewhat dearly but nevertheless.

The branded stuff that became my choice…

was handed down with glee without a thought….

and at most times without a fuss.

milwood shouting

Did I ever feel grateful for that luxury?

I fretted and fumed,

yet again and again….

That I didn’t like their restrictions….

though they said they thought well of me

How could I be so selfish, the child I was..

unappreciative and complainful.


I saw not the hidden burden of the loans

and even failed to observe the tears held behind

as mother wiped her face in pretence .

Oh! I am so ashamed, so very ashamed

of the ungrateful being of God I am.

That now I realize all those pains

and the silent heartaches….

As I upbring my little ones….

with all the care that I may dare.


Remembering dad’s long working hours endless

and mum’s nostalgic embrace boundless

And now I express my gratitude

and ask of their forgiveness

at being so blind to their loved ness

when they are ageing and need my care.

images (8)

I ask thee God to give me strength

to return some favours towards their end

of keeping them happy and content

without any malice or selfishness.





4 thoughts on “UNGRATEFUL!

  1. I see your perspective and I understand it well. Yes. thankfulness and gratitude is a cultured and realized habit.
    Please allow me to have another perspective though.
    I thank God for allowing me this one more chance in his/her creation with all his/her love to self realize and merge with him/her. This is my egoitstic thankfulness or feeling of gratitude.

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  2. Sandeep your perspective is quite related to mine. Yes, we think on those lines and present our own opinions. We are both right in our own way. Thanks for the broader outlook.


  3. Being Ungrateful
    It was our way to be defiant. We lacked skills of communication.
    That learning curve as teenagers serves us now.
    As parents now we have learnt. Communicate. Give space. Defiance will pass as we give our children
    1 Security of unconditional love
    2 Opportunity to be who they are
    3 Recognition of their feelings
    4 Inclusion in the decision we make together
    SORI is a good tool.
    Hope it brings us harmony in the home.
    They in turn will learn.
    Our children are souls of tomorrow.

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  4. Thank you Shariffa Ji. What you is correct. I have just placed myself in the perspective of a person looking back into childhood and realizing that at the young age we take things for granted and understand and appreciate the efforts of parents as we grow up when we find ourselves in the same circumstances.


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