Nanalal @ 90


Your gaiety walk and proud chest
Your fair means and ways are the best
A young child and youngest brother once
You have emerged as a family elder
A lineage of culture and tradition
You proudly continued with a rich hue
Never forgetting those dim candle lit days
Of scarcity in privileges and endless days
You stood tall and mighty in your right
In what once appeared to be far fetched
In those long nights of plight
That you made your stint into journalism
From far away land your articles came
And Sakkerben reveled in the happiness game
A pride of prides Nanalal you became
A respected lawyer among many others
Uplifting the downtrodden on the path
Rising and shining on the law forte
Bringing justice to many on their porch
Never blinking an eye when it came to giving aid
Your selfless nature gave you name
Put to use in your welfare game

Through countless hours of lawyering
You found a passion of a greater giving
Realizing the true nature of humanity
For you attained a doctorate in that philosophy
Compassion that flows through you deep and wide
Even the Nile looks at you in awe
The feats you have achieved through these years
Will be remembered for eons to come
Yet humble you remain
As you strive to achieve your A-game.
Known fondly as Kaka to young and old
At a ripe 90 you stand mighty bold
We wish you good health, happiness and laughter
To celebrate yet another wonderful chapter


3 thoughts on “Nanalal @ 90

  1. Seth of Seths
    Nanalal strides
    To make a difference
    Wherever he strides.

    Touching one
    Touching all
    He braves on
    Make a difference
    Wherever he strides

    Unknown faces now
    Out of poverty
    Knownot whose hand
    Touched then unseen
    Made a difference
    Wherever he strides

    Silent unbounded
    Compassion so rounded
    A silent example reminder
    Of who we are
    Make a difference
    Wherever you are.
    Bravo Monica

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    1. Thank you for such a poetic comment Shariffa Ji. Indeed he “makes a difference wherever he strides”. I loved the words, “knownot whose hands, touched then unseen” as that’s exactly how my Godfather is.


  2. Monica and Shariffa

    I am indeed touched by the sentiments both of you have so ably expressed in poetries.
    My most sincere gratittude for your kindness. At this stage in my life you are strong pillars to lend me support.
    ay God bless you both any pray that I continue to make a difference where ever I find my path to walk.


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