by Monica Gokaldas

It squeaked, it chirped!
Behind the seats it smirked,
Flying and perching in enemy territory,
The tiny little bird was churning inventory.

They gasped and they gaped,
Its movement they caped…
Giving them an adrenaline rush,
It gave their expertise a crush.

A tiny feathered thrush,
Whisked past them a-brush…
Leaving a trail of their failure,
On board the Emirates it found air.

With its measured moves light,
It challenged the mighty ones’ might..
Chasing them out before the flight,
Unfastened the seat belts fastened tight.

It caused quite a delay and fright,
To the schedules that run so tight….
Lounging and duty free turned boring,
While they wanted to rest and go snoring.

The amusement of a bird on board,
Caused fidgeting mind and feet cold…
The wait seemed unending,
The bird had found a new landing.

The power game went on,
The struggle too caught on…
It escaped all their moves,
By displaying its feathery grooves.

EK 380 to Hongkong…
Turned out to be epic history…..
When one boarded and re boarded,
Yet none angry nor being scolded.

They waited with patience,
They waited in exhaustion….
The passengers and the crew,
Hungry and tired albeit they grew.

The struggle was immense,
Yet for some it made no sense…
All the flight’s daring and caring,
Couldn’t help the fluttering bearing.

Meanwhile it felt so lost,
And wanted to fly out at any cost…
It braved the masses a couple of times,
Attempting to save one of its precious bird lives.

Uncaged yet far from being free,
Liberty it needed in a soaring spree….
The duty hours of crew ran overdue,
The families in Hongkong waited without a clue.

4 thoughts on “BIRD ON BOARD

  1. Poet will write poetry for any event

    Be it a bird in aircraft

    Or outside the aircraft.

    That is how a poets mind is always flying free whether in cage or free.


  2. I loved this plight
    Of a feathered
    friend on flight
    Not having paid
    Got on board
    Scared unnerved
    People who paid
    Terror comes
    In many forms
    The huge metal bird
    Caused quite a stir
    Just a little wee bird


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