A haberdashery of the mind!

Threads of desire in the loom
Bring forth a gloom or a bloom
Pick up a green thread and
red slips out
Pick up a red thread and
blue falls out
Some threads bring a hopeful joy
Others tie around us like
serpentine desires
Getting entangled at each pull
that tries to be freed
The single strand threads of
single ambitions
Lighter in appearance and looks
Folded neatly around the books
Stay straight in their place
Unmoved, untied steadfast tenacity
That the broth of the mind cooks
The double strands of desire come masked
Appearing one yet being dual
Their duality of desires and duties
Struggling to keep pace with each other
Once embroidered with other strands
Settling like grass sun basked
Threads of desire in the loom
Cramped up in mind with not enough room
Swirling and twirling,
at times curling
Creating a mess in their world
Thoughts gone stale like fermented curd
Developing new ambitious turns
Without discarding older returns
Threads that stretch
A bit too long
Entanglement being their ritual
Of desires limitless
Snapping at a tight pull
Dark and ugly sometimes dull
Threads of desire in the loom
Weaving miracles and fantasies
The silken breath of each wish
Spreading wings out of the cocoon
Shedding the pupa phase of life
Emerging bright with shaping pride
The silver and the golden strands
Upon the casement pure white
Emerging once in floral hues
And then turning to rustic blues
Knitted together
By some binding glue
Numbered and tagged
Yet unique and unmatched
These threads of desire in the loom
Bring forth a gloom or a bloom

2 thoughts on “THREADS OF DESIRE

  1. Desire – a thought fortified by entaglement of attention paid by me( each one of us ) to it. Many a thoughts arise but only some become desires, why – because of our own likes and dislikes and the tendencies ( vasanas ) we are born with. The question is – where and when and how did the first desire ( ever ) got in it’s place.

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