With the changing weather patterns worldwide a painful realization gapes at us in the face of our selfishness. The human race feels it suffers the most yet continues to conduct deeds for selfish motives. Who is to blame? Is it our upbringing? Is it thoughtlessness? Is it ignorance? Is it all of the mentioned reasons?

Owing to our habit of not accepting our faults we revel in shifting the blame on others so very often. In the wake of rising temperatures I have seen several crude jokes and abuses hurled at the central figure of the Solar System, The Sun. We are daft enough to crack jokes referring to loss of effectiveness of The Moon. How conveniently we tend to forget that our existence without these is questionable. When will we learn to accept our own mistakes which have brought us to this day.

Heat Wave In India

Ganga Yamuna in so much pain
Shedding dry tears waterless vain
The Heat wave affects Allahabad
The sangam of rivers dried up sad

Kaveri and Krishna appeal for help
Receding levels resulting in a Yelp
Temperatures rising to a forty high
In Bangalore where once fans were neigh

The Climatic changes, the Heat enrages
Causing anger, frustration and damages
Boiling bubbles of the sun rays gazing
The cattle are awaiting green grazing

Chennai cries in the absence of cold
Air conditioning appears precious as gold
The fires burn trees in sacred Uttarkhand
Flies spread network throughout the land

The moon is over powered by the heat
Nights in heat feel like moon did cheat
Donating it’s cool effect to Sun’s beat
Appearing each night to light up streets

The threats all so real acting harsh now
We are to blame, not the sheep and cow
Pollution of sorts ruined atmosphere how
Global warming has conquered all in tow .

While Summer is painful to some, it it much awaited by some.

patience runs dry as the snow bothers some while others

suffer under the scorching heat. I wonder if the bees and birds,

the animals and fish also grumble and complain like we do.

They are those innocent creatures who suffer the most,

yet have no voice to raise and they silently die.

Missed Summer In United Kingdom

The summer got lost on the way
Was it stolen or was it swept away?
Spring did come with cherry blossoms
And daffodils fulfilling trees& Gardens.
But summer dear you shied away
The snowy chills found back their way.
Awaiting your bright sunshine days
When the rays spread wide like a spray.
When the days are longer, less dismay
To bring you to scene how may I pray?
The Global warming is real I must say
I am the cause & I will have to bear to pay.
The winters unending at my window sill
And extra long summers elsewhere sizzle.
The heat waves kill where winters refuse
And here your missing summer goes bemuse.



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