Monica Gokaldas

(Published in The Asian Weekly, Nairobi 2014)

Most of us are familiar with the terms “rest in peace” or “Laid to final rest” when we refer to a person who has just died. Does the deceased person actually rest in peace? It could be a very debatable topic as many amongst us do not like talking about the dead after they have gone. The fact is well known and accepted that it is the body which dies or ends its earthly journey. The spirit lives on and it cannot be laid to rest by us mortals. So then, what is it that rests in peace? Is the body at peace after being interred in the earth or being burnt to ashes? Various religious faiths have different beliefs about the same and that must be respected.

Once physically dead, the body is done away with by the near and dear ones of the deceased. What is it that holds us from not utilizing the body further to someone’s advantage? The deceased is at peace and bliss at having left the world, having discarded the very body which was his/her identification. Moving with the shift in consciousness, we need to understand that the dead body can be further utilized to a great extent. By choosing to donate our eyes after our death, we can provide the gift of sight to the sightless. By opting to donate our organs soon after our death, we can provide improved health for those who have failed to get donors for kidneys, liver, tissues etc to name a few.

We take immense pride in the fact that we help the needy by doing charities of various sorts. Providing food, shelter, jobs, education and skills to the less fortunate members of society are great deeds. If only we could extend the term, “Charity begins at home” to “Charity begins from self” and pledge to donate our organs and grant miraculous gifts of appreciation even in death we would be improving the quality of life for many. This shall further have a lasting impact on the society where innocent are conned into organ removals by deceit due to lack of organ availability.

One organ donor saves several lives, one eye donor restores sight for two people at the least, and one skin donor can turn around some lives for the better. Medical practitioners can earn the advantage of educating their patients and their families on the same.

Let us, The Citizens of the World Society take a stand and be bold about this reform. In doing so we no more shall “Rest to rust” but instead will “Rest to rise” in part, in some other Body. The more people pledge for such donations the more people stand to benefit from this Gift of health. Then we shall truly belong to the modern society. A very important step to take having pledged any organ is to inform the people in close contact with you for they would be the ones to fulfill your wish once Death opens its doors.

In The Media: 

Published in The Asian Weekly

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