Sikiladi’s Sightings

Observe the observer!!

Learning to be an observer of the jigsaw puzzle called life and it’s various crooked pieces that fit into perfection with the word called LOVE, peep out of edges with the word called GREED, appear messy and unbalanced with the word called HATRED and overlap in disharmony with the word called FEAR.

Sikiladi tries to read those words within the mind of and  in unison with faith, belief, disbelief, humanity, humans, birds, animals, plants, nature, heart all so varied yet connected together in her Soulful Journey of Life. Inspired by many a teachers seen and unseen, heard and unheard, mystical and mysterious all resulting in an open book of thoughts.

I invite you to read my mindful, guide me, inspire me, drop me a topic, suggest a site and I shall try with my mindful might and pen-full pages to have a few more tinkling inklings for you to indulge in.

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