Oh, My Friend Ganesha♥️

Dreamers of Reality

We are in the midst of our yearly celebrations of Lord Ganesha. 11 days every year we bring Ganesh ji home and treat Him and by extension ourselves to food, music and daily parties. Lord Ganesha sits on his mighty throne and watches performances of people of all age groups. He watches us all gobble down kilos of ladoos and sweets of all kinds. He hears bands playing out at deafening decibels and over-enthusiastic dancers doing things that I personally don’t call dancing. There are tambola nights and fashion shows. There is a general air of happiness when Lord Ganesha resides at homes and in our societies for odd number of days like 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 or the whole 11 days. Happiness turns to a bit of emptiness when He leaves.

I have celebrated this festival all my life. We used to bring Lord Ganesha home in my…

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