भारतीय प्रेम Indian Love

Indian Love

This Indian Love is defined differently

Formalities bind not the companions

Crossing over the dark nights to the dawn

Befriending each other till the end of life

It is thy companion who shall be besides you

Whence young ones all grown move on

Thy lover will still share the meals with you

From turning off the lights to ……

Placing the yoghurt in the fridge….

From changing the gas cylinder….

To turning off that flame of the burner…

Sipping together the morning cups of tea

While reading the newspaper……

Collecting the milk in the pan from the milkman….

Or, filling up thy buckets with water….

All tasks appear realistic whence the companion be there

Whether or not thou exchange the greetings…

As formal as wishing a Good morning or Good night

They pray together exchanging spiritual notes

And assist each other in acts of kindness


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