Oneness In Life(2)


All names and forms so different

All shapes and sizes so different

Yet, there’s something so common

Despite the sentiment so different

All creatures with genetic difference

All creatures with thought difference

Yet, they’re all born of The One

Despite their behavioral difference

law of oneness

Each plant with it’s growth pattern

Each animal with it’s trait pattern

Yet on the same  Earth they dwell

Each minding their own patterns

Each seedling breaks open it’s shell

Each fledgling spreads wide it’s wings

Yet, they breathe the common free air

Each earthling using sunlight, water & air


Each being must nurture, feed and grow

Each creature must have young ones

Yet, varied are their ways and means

Each one of must accept death and go

Each one then must stay in unison

Each one then must forget comparison

For, all living beings and non living ones

Each is a form of Universal Oneness!



Picture Credits: Google Images




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