We had no mobile phone

We had no mobile phone

But we had a great network.

We had friends in real life

We met them, we sat with them

We laughed out loud

We shared our joys and sorrows

We cried in their grief….

and shed actual tears in mourning


We had no mobile phone

But we knew each other’s stories

We knew where our close ones were

and what went on in their lives

Their children were ours too

their accomplishments were ours too

Their success was a celebration

Meeting, greeting and eating together

were the norms of the times


We had no mobile phone

And we had no Whatsapp Chats

Phone calls were meant for talks precise….

meaningful communications with metered calls

…that left no room for gossip and claims tall

Up to the point long distance calls

The value of time they did define

The messages of wisdom were not sent

for wisdom from the books was gained

We attended lectures and discussions

pros and cons of topics were then weighed

prior to conclusions and rumoured details


We had no mobile phone

But work without them would be done

We earned money, we accomplished chores

We sent kids to school and play without a bore

Unlike today, disturbances were less ….

…and we kept committments to a level of impress

Feelings were wireless, sentiments could express


We had no mobile phone

And we had no Facebook and Youtube apps

all research work and study was done on the desk

We cared not for the world we didn’t know about

Others’ personal lives were not our minds playground

We took lessons from elders and teachers alike

and understood the reasons of educative type

We watched the television shows with the family

United in a room all plonked at various angles & degrees

exchanging glances of love looking at our young ones


We had no mobile phone

But the meal times were family times

When we considered meal times as exchange times

with family discussions and prayerful minds

We focussed more on what went in the plate…

rather than what went on in the world

and business was confined to places of work


We had no mobile phone

But we slept in peace all night long

without the silly forwards of jokes meaningless

and the urgency of things to be done at any hour of the day

We prayed before bed and woke up to pray…

…as we began the day

We greeted the elders by paying respects

and taught young ones to morning salutations

As opposed to opening the eyes gazed….

on the mobile phones first thing in the morning


We had no mobile phone

But we cared for the environment around

We spoke to each other, and understood each other

We needed words sometimes but eyes conveyed the most

And children knew that for dinner they had to be home

For they had no mobile phones to send excuses….

to stay out all night  and break regulations


We had no mobile phone

But we had communication

We had real families and friends

We had real live jokes and pranks

We had the strong sense from across the globe

Which made us realize our dear ones’ hope

We felt the joys and pains of our loved ones

Without a whatsapp message or twitter handle

The smileys and emoticons were very real

as they came directly from the heart channel


We had no mobile phone

And we had no game apps

But we played real games and sported a lot

We ran, we jumped, we hid and we seeked

We went behind the curtains and trees in dancing sprees

We had excursions of the real kind

and nothing so virtual had played on the minds

The games and sports involved sharing and caring

exchanging ideas and tricks and treats


We had no mobile phone

But we had a sound memory

We remembered phone numbers…

and the family members passwords….

and passport numbers and addresses

We remembered a lot of finer details of things

stored a lot of data in our own mind’s memory

as opposed to clogging up the phone memory

and left with forgetting our own mobile numbers.


We had no mobile phone

But we had no rat race too

We maintained status in dignity and education

We were not competing with each other…

with the newest product in the market

We were not judged by which mobile phone we carried

We were not outdated if we didn’t know some functions

We were not in a constant struggle to maintain standards.








8 thoughts on “We had no mobile phone

  1. Waah……atisundar…….
    Hamare paas communication ki suvidha huyee hai….magar…….wo jhulaa….kabbadi…luka chhipi…..luddo….aur doston ke saath dhahake sab to peechhe chhut gayaa…….ek mobile ne n jaane kitnon se dur kar diyaa……kal logon ke beech hanste they ab akele men hanste hain……bheed men bhi alag hone ki talash karte hain……office men kaam ek machine ki tarah aur mobile par ghar men bhi machine ban gaye hain…….kaash aisi suvidha banti hi nahi….kam se kam wo lifaafaa aur post card to hota……kalam se jo abhivyakti nikalti thi wo mobile par kahan.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Indeed Monica
    Phones were not mobile
    The staid in one place immobile
    How special they were to use
    Words we had to select,choose
    Words of meaning and hues
    Now we can google it all
    Wise words, meanings and all
    Insular? Global? We must choose

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes indeed we had no mobile phones and no harmful mobile microwaves either.
      We didnt have texting syndrome and any other mobile addictions. . Nice topic Monica and good descriptions . . . Awakened the nostalgia of yester years in me. . . .

      Liked by 1 person

  3. This is the aɡe of communication. But in spite of that , you have expressed a vivid truth . In fact , we can’t live without it(mobile). But it deffinately kills our sweet relations . We make all communications with it, we don’t think that physical presense to our nearest relative is the urɡent need of the time. Thanks a lot. You told riɡhtly . So aɡain thanks.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so very much for liking my posts and commenting on them. Yes, we are living in the digital age and have great benefits of that and have had to lose something to gain something.


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